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Spreading the dharma :

Expending all of his efforts
In 1971, Master Jinje moved to Haeundae and established HaeunJeongsa, a Seon Temple near downtown Busan in order to spread the teachings of Buddha and Seon meditation. For the past 40 years he has expended all of his efforts teaching both monks and the laity to live with the Seon spirit in daily life. More than anything esle he is looking for a disciple that can inherit his lineage.

In 1994, he was requested to be the Josil, or residing Master of Donghwasa Monastery, guiding the meditation hall as well as providing instruction and checking the practice of all who come and visit. The Korean Jogye Order is unique in its emphasis on meditation. Besides the thousands of temples in Korea there are more than one hundred meditation halls where the two thousand or so meditation monks are expected to reside at least 3 months for the summer and winter retreats. Since 1994 the Master has had his Dharma lectures distributed to each of these meditation halls at the beginning of each retreat.

In 1996 he was appointed to be the Guiding Master of the Jogye Order "Fundamental Seon Course" responsible for the training of all meditation monks.

With the plans of hosting an International Open Seon Conference, Master Jinje traveled to China to visit nine of the most respected masters to determine who had the most complete and clear enlightenment.

In 2002, for the first time in Korea, Master Jinje opened the International Open Seon Conference and invited great Seon masters from China and Japan to HaeunJeongsa temple in Busan, exposing the unique aspects of Korean Ganhwa Seon to the world.

Early in 2011, Professor Paul Knitter, a theologian at Union Theological Seminary in New York, visited Master Jinje to learn about Ganhwa Seon, further exposing it to the world. In September of 2011 Master Jinje traveled to the U.S. and gave a Dharma teaching on "Ganhwa Seon and World Peace" at Riverside Church in New York to mark the 10th year of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

He attended at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. in early February and spoke in front of international leaders, Senators, Congressman and distinguished guests at the International Luncheon. In October of 2012 Master Jinje was invited by religious leaders and gave a Dharma talk on "World Peace and Ecological Crisis: A Buddhist Wisdom," at the Church Center for the United Nations.

Shakyamuni Buddha, the great teacher of all mankind, passed the teachings of Seon in India. From there it traveled east to China and then Korea. The time has come for these teachings to become well known in the west.